Blues pull out big victory over Gretna (2024)

Alex Eller

WAVERLY -- In a tough Waverly/Ashland Juniors Tournament, the Wahoo Medicine Man Pharmacy Juniors evaded getting swept with a big 14-3 win over Gretna Post 216 on June 29. In the victory, the Blues overcame three errors by racking up 14 hits.

Wahoo started the game off strong with a pair of singles to center and third base from Cody Hesser and Kaden Christen. Another single, this time by Jase Kaminski and then a groundout and line out by Alex Barry and Quin Schutt put the Blues in front 3-0.

The Dragons battled back to tie the game at three apiece with one run in the second, third and fourth innings.

In the top of the fifth, Kaminski legged out an infield single from the leadoff position. He came around to score on a single to left field that put Wahoo up 4-3. A wild pitch from Gretna and a groundout by Jake Bohac increased the Blues edge to three.

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The score remained the same all the way up until the top of the seventh when Wahoo exploded for seven runs.

To start the inning the Dragons issued two walks. That was followed by a single and a double to center by Schutt and Bohac that gave the Blues an 8-3 edge.

A wild pitch, a hit-by-pitch, and a walk from Gretna made it an eight-run game. Next up was Kaminski who singled to third scoring Cash Parson, which put Wahoo up 12-3.

The final two runs for the Blues in the contest came home on a hit-by-pitch and then a single to second base by Jake Bohac.

Driving in three runs apiece and getting at least two hits in the victory were Schutt and Bohac. Kaminski and Barry both got at least one hit and finished with two RBIs.

Coming through with one run batted in were Cody Hesser and Carter Brabec.

Picking up the win on the mound was Hesser, who pitched six innings, gave up one earned run and retired five batters on strikes. Kaminski pitched one inning in relief and struck out one batter.

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In the first game on Saturday, Wahoo was on the wrong end of a 3-2 pitchers' duel against the Wave Juniors. Two big hits for Waverly plated three runs, which ultimately did in the Blues.

Down 3-0 entering the fifth, Wahoo got a single from Tyree Goynes and then Haar worked a walk. A groundout by Christen and then a single to second by Kaminski scored both baserunners and pulled the Blues within one.

That was as close as Wahoo would get to winning the game as Carsen Malcolm came in and closed things out on the mound for the Wave.

Both driving in one run and getting at least one hit were Christen and Kaminski.

Pitching all six innings for the Blues was Christen. In six innings of work, he amassed 12 strikeouts and gave up three earned runs.

On June 30, Wahoo lost another close battle by a final of 5-4 in eight innings against Gretna East. The Griffons scored four runs in the final three innings to pull off the victory.

Josh Fox and Barry each had one RBI and came up with at least one hit.

Starting the game on the mound was Bohac who pitched six innings, gave up three earned runs and recorded five strikeouts. Barry went 1.2 innings in relief and surrendered two earned runs.

To start the tournament on June 28, the Blues ran into a buzzsaw against the ETC Knights Juniors. They were limited to four hits and lost 11-1 in five innings.

Kaminski finished with one hit and drove in the only run for Wahoo.

Getting the start was Parson who pitched two innings, gave up four earned runs, and recorded two strikeouts. Fox pitched two innings in relief, gave up four earned runs, and set down three batters on strikes while DJ Oehm went one inning, recorded one strikeout, and struck out two batters.

The Blues next game is a home contest against the Wave at Sam Crawford Field starting at 5:30 p.m. on July 8.


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Blues pull out big victory over Gretna (2024)
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