How do I stop my skateboard suddenly? |SAFE AND EFFECTIVEWAY TO STOP A SKATEBOARD| – All about rolling sports (2024)

How do I stop my skateboard suddenly? |SAFE AND EFFECTIVEWAY TO STOP A SKATEBOARD|

Learning to stop your skateboard suddenly is one of the most complicated techniques for any beginner, and it is often even more difficult than learning to ride a skateboard. When maneuvering over a dangerous environment, this is a decisive action to take.

There are different ways you can completely stop or slow you skateboard down. You may simply put weight behind the back wheel of your skateboard and lift the front wheel up, or you may use your foot in order to lower speed or completely stop your board. You may also hop off the board and lift it up. The exact method would depend on how fast you are going, the terrain you are skateboarding, how much space you have and if you are going downhill or uphill.

Using various stops will perfectly fit and appear more beneficial, though it depends on your level of skateboarding proficiency.

What is the easiest way to stop a skateboard?

The easiest way to stop a skateboard depends on how fast you are skating. Below is an explanation of different skating situations and how you can quickly stop your skateboard.

When skating slowly: Assume you’ve just driven down a typical residential car park. You can use thefollowing optionsto stop your skateboard.

  • Just try to glide away without too much risk.
  • You can halt by dragging your tail.
  • You can move your back toe on the concrete materials until you reach a screeching halt, or you can get to a decent pace to step off.
  • Lift one of your back feet and let it drag on the asphalt behind you.

When skating fast: For instance, you just landed on a slippery wet surface. Your options for slowing down or stopping got reduced. Unless you jump and run, skating will almost certainly result in injury. Here, your only available alternatives are:

  • Powerslide is when you flip the board without hoisting any rollers and slide it against the cement against the rhythm. It is the most effective means of preventing or slowing down, but it takes practice to become accustomed to and effective.
  • Pulling your tail to stop is not very effective at high velocities, but it’s still possible here (though it’s rare).
  • Lift one of your back feet and let it remain behind you. It is advisable for skaters who are new to this and are learning to skate at higher velocities.
  • Concurrent powerslides until you reach a pace at which you can swoop and run off your board, push your feet to a halt, or feel more at ease riding the acceleration out. It is primarily just a series of relatively short power slides to regulate your speed. They also look pretty great.
  • Put the heel of your backfoot towards the end of the skateboard and dangle your toes down. Lift the front of the board and then instead of using the back of skateboard, put your heel down. The friction will stop the skateboard.

In general, go as slowly as possible, using friction against components of you or your skateboard that don’t hurt. Turn at a moderate speed or one big turn, drag afoot, grab at poles, jump and run, roll on the ground (but practice on grass), apply a brake.

Due to the absence of safety regulations, the brakes may be improper. It is typically a handheld brake mechanism linked to wheels, similar to the brakes on a bicycle.

How do I stop my skateboard suddenly? |SAFE AND EFFECTIVEWAY TO STOP A SKATEBOARD| – All about rolling sports (1)

How do you stop a skateboard from going fast?

If you think your skateboard is moving out of control or going too fast, you can try some of the steps below to stop your skateboard from running wild.

Slight Reduction is speed

  • Turning

Turning, if you have sufficient space, will lower your speed to some extent. You need to turn left and right constantly and repeat it a couple of times in order to gain better control of your skateboard.

  • Dragging your foot

Dragging your foot along with increase friction, reducing the speed slowly as you progress. There are different ways to drag your foot.

  1. You may touch your toes to the ground and let it drag slowly
  2. You may touch the outer sole and let it drag and then slowly increase pressure on the foot
  3. Alternatively, drag one leg off the edge of the skateboard rather than behind you.

Considerably reducing the speed

  • Powerslide

Powerslide will reduce your speed considerably. You may use powerslide when you want to quickly reduce your speed.This is especially helpful when you are entering a busy street.

  • Applying the brakes on your feet

Place your back foot near the back edge of the skateboard. Now try to put maximum weight on your back leg and foot. Decelerate yourself down by applying progressive pressure to your rear foot.The foot braking technique works on both flat and slanted surfaces.

  • Riding to a rough surface

If possible, ride into a rougher surface or into grass. This will stop your skateboard.

Practice to get better

When first training how to stop going fast,choose the most progressive inclineto get the maximum speed possible. Also, it is worthwhile to seek out different steep locations and start practicing near the bottom of the mountains.

Move up the slope in small steps, such as 3 or 4 meters at a time. Before advancing to sharper inclines and faster speeds, practice four times as often as you think you ought to. Plan practice discussions on gentle uphils over several weeks. Allow enough time for the halting methods to become ingrained in your physical movement and instinctiveness

How do you stop a skateboard without falling off?

Mentioned hereunder are a few steps that will help you ride a skateboard without falling off your board:

  • Always keep your weight balanced on both feet so that you are able to switch between feet with higher agility.
  • Do not skate too quickly. The quicker you go, the gnarlier your decline will be. However, even almost static drops can be dangerous.
  • Don’t push mangoas it is more difficult to stop and you may fall on your back if you push mango. Falling back is riskier in comparison to falling forward. This is because you can watch out what is in front of you and prepare yourself better.
  • Keep an eye out for small rocks on the surface in front of you at all times. If you come across one, you will get messed up for sure.
  • Keep a close eye on your environment as this could be the cause of your collapse.
  • When pushing, keep in mind that you can occasionally clip the edge of the skateboard with your leg, causing it to slip right out from under you.

How do you heel stop a skateboard suddenly?

This technique of stopping a skateboard with your heels works well and is dependable, similar to tail pulling but much less damaging to your hardware. To master this technique, place your back leg’s mass on its ankle and dangle your toes off the edge of the tail while riding a skateboard.

Then, push down to raise the front rims as if you were dragging your skateboard tail, but rather drag the underside of your shoe on the surface. While it might take some time to get accustomed, the elastic on the bottom of your sneaker will help youstop much quickerthan frictionally moving the timber on the tail.

Also, you must know that heel pulling is the sister technique to toe dragging, but the principles are the same. Hence instead of putting the load on the heel of the back foot, put it on the ankles. Next, powerslide until your toe drags the pavement by hanging your heel off the surface of the board. Toe or heel pulling will save your board and bring you to a halt faster than most other techniques.

How do I stop my skateboard suddenly? |SAFE AND EFFECTIVEWAY TO STOP A SKATEBOARD| – All about rolling sports (2)

How do you stop a skateboard from going downhill?

There are multiple ways you may stop your skateboard from going downhill:

Foot braking:

Downhill skateboarders need to be able to break with their feet.Foot brakingis a method in which you gently reach the ground with your rear foot to create friction with the pavement, allowing you to slow down and come to a stop.


When heading downhill, the constrained slide is the easiest way to keep your speed under regulation. This method entails turning the board laterally while in movement, causing the wheels to delay or skid to a halt. Locate a mountainous street in a nearby area and practice foot braking and governed slides at the bottom of the mountain to gain confidence with these techniques.

Carving uphill

Suddenly turning your skateboard uphill will stop your skateboard due to increased resistance. This way gravitational pull downward will stop you.

Before attempting any variety of speed skating, you must first learn how to stop suddenly safely and competently.

How to suddenly stop on a longboard skateboard?

If you are skating on a busy road or congested street, you can follow the below steps to suddenly stop a skateboard in case of emergencies.

  • Get off your longboard and come to a halt

If you are skating at a reduced speed on a level surface, such as 10-15 mph, the simplest and most obvious way of stopping on your longboard is to stop forcing and ride it out, allowing friction from the earth to slow you down.

You can also step off and grab your board if you are cruising at about a walking pace. You can attempt to shell off and run it out if you are riding faster, say, at a running speed. However, make sure you can move as efficiently as possible as you might fall as you step off.

Also, note that this method is risky because your board may roll away from you after you get off, potentially hitting someone or drifting onto the road, scaring motorists.

  • Moving your longboard onto a hard surface will bring it to a halt

Cruising your longboard over rough terrain will slow you down or completely stop you. Of course, this necessitates selecting a road with grassy patches or rocks on the side. This method works. The roughness of the terrain determines the speed at which you can skate.

If you are moving on patchy grass, you can go pretty quickly if there is enough vegetation surface. Going too fast onto high grass, on the other hand, will almost certainly cause you to fall off because your board will come to a halt.

  • Stopping on your longboard with your feet

When it comes to foot braking, the most crucial point to remember is to carefully balance one leg by changing your load to it and arching your front knee to limit your back foot to the surface. You then push your back foot firmly on the floor, causing friction with your soles to weigh you down.

Again, as most of your body weight lies on your front leg, shift your load to your other ankle and utilize a bit of pressure to the surface with your leg to cause tension.


Based on your skateboarding speed, the type of surroundings and slope you’re skating in, as well as your cruising style and skateboard category, understanding how to stop on your skateboard can range from beginners to advanced techniques. However, most of the time, you can manage by jumping off the board or using the foot braking technique when you ride around the city.

How do I stop my skateboard suddenly? |SAFE AND EFFECTIVEWAY TO STOP A SKATEBOARD| – All about rolling sports (2024)


How do you stop suddenly on a skateboard? ›

Gently lift your front foot from the board, allow your board to roll forwards, then push down with your front foot to catch the board, or even to draw it back towards you. This technique is suitable for an emergency stop, in case of an unexpected obstacle in your path, such as a car or a running child.

Why does my skateboard stop rolling? ›

One of the most common reasons for noise or slowness is bearings that need to be replaced. Bearings are what allow your wheels to spin freely, and over time, they can become damaged or dirty. If your bearings are the problem, you'll probably notice that your skateboard is making a grinding noise when you ride it.

Why is it harder to stop a skateboard than to keep it rolling? ›

Q: Why is it harder to start and stop the skateboard than it is to keep it rolling? A: The reason is inertia.

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