How Long Do You Wait to Call a Woman Who's Given You Her Number? - by Allana Pratt (2023)


Questions: How long do you wait to call a woman who’s given you her number?

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Answer: Congratulations that after a dry spell that you have a woman who's interested in connecting with you! I wouldn't put too much overthinking or over analysis into it… And instead trust yourself ;-)

I’d follow up that same day with a short text saying something like, It was great to meet you and I'll give you a call tomorrow :-) Then follow up with a call the next day and if the call goes well after 10 to 15 minutes, ask her out for a coffee or a glass of wine.

Remember just because you got her number doesn't mean she's fabulous… You're still getting to know her and seeing if she's a fit for YOU as well, remember?

Sometimes when we haven't had a lot of action we are willing to settle or not see red flags or blindly move forward just to get the attention and affection, you know? Remember you are a wonderful human being who deserves to be adored and adore another!

Notice also if you would, great man, that the foundation of your question is based in fear, yes? Fear that you could mess it up, yes? Yet when we make choices from fear we tend to mess things up! However when we make choices from love, peace, joy and resting into the noble badass you are, things go the best way they could. (being a noble badass doesn’t mean being perfect, it means being at peace with who you are no matter what anyone says… you might enjoy my complementary report

So take a few breaths and get centered and grounded, and remember what a great man you are, get curious and give her a call!

And if the wounds from the past makes putting this guidance into action difficult or next to impossible… Then I highly recommend you apply for a complementary strategy session with me to see if you are a fit to be invited into one of my proven programs. Emasculated hearts only get worse over time and push away the very love you desire. I'd love to awaken your noble bad ass and ensure the future of a hot healthy intimate partnership! Everything begins in side ;-)

I would be so honored if you’d apply at I honestly can't wait to hear from you AND I can’t wait to hear how the call went when you called her!

Huge love, Allana (
) XO

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Digital Romance TV., Hello, wonderful friends at Digital, Romance, TV., Allana, Pratt, here., I love the sincerity of this question.


How long should you wait to call a woman after she gives you her number?" "Should, you text her instead?" "I hate games, but this is the first woman that has looked my way in years and I.

Don't wanna mess it up.", Aw, I love the sincerity with which you're asking this question.

And notice, that.

Underneath the sincerity too, is fear of messing it up, right? So.

Whenever we make a decision based on fear, we're pretty much gonna fuck it up.

(laughs) Okay, so.

There is a way to make decisions from spinning fear, blah blah blah, contractive, give away your power, not come across the way she wants.


I, don't want you to do.


I want you to take a few breaths.

Obviously it's gonna be a lot different in like a healing coaching session to release this forever.

But the idea is notice that you're looking for your safety, outside.

If, she does something, or if she likes me, then I'm enough.

As, opposed to having your safety be on the inside.

Not, leaning, forward, not hiding, just hoo, okay? I'm, enough.

I'd prefer she says yes or likes me, but even if she says no, I'm enough.

I'd prefer I'm in a relationship.

But even if I'm not, I'm enough.

I would prefer to look good.

Do this right, but even if I fumble, I'm enough.

I might choose to call her, but she would have preferred that I, texted, her, and there's no way I could ever have known that.

So she might judge me, but I'm enough.

She might be totally into texting and I called, and it was just too much for her, and it had nothing to do with me, and she freaked out, but I made a, and there's nothing wrong with me.

I'm enough, you see? I'm internally deriving safety and security, and approval and appreciation, no matter what happens on the outside.

With a statement, of, "Because I'm enough." It's a willingness to stay, present.

It's, a willingness to stay, connected.

It's, a willingness to stay self-loving, no matter what happens on the outside, okay? A great place to learn more about this, is my complimentary report, video series, et cetera.

So much about how to stay, grounded and present.

So you can just be yourself.

Come what may, bring it.

Here to have a good time, right? That's fun, for you.

That's sexy, for her.

That makes her feel safe.

That's alive.

That's engaging with the unknown with I.

Don't know what's: gonna happen, but it's gonna be amazing, because I'm present and I'm here, and I'm discerning, and I can do this, right? Okay.

So back to your specific question.

What was your question? How long to call her, or should I text her instead? So? You just got a woman's number.

So, let's say, okay, so I'm shooting this video on Sunday.


Imagine you met her on Sunday.

I would definitely text her later that night, and just say, "Hey, great to meet you." "Why.

Don't we hop on the phone tomorrow night, because I'd love to take you out for a coffee." Or, something like that., Or, "I'd love to get to know you better," okay?, So you're, just moving things: along.

You're, not too much, you're, not wondering, and like going AWOL, and she's like wondering what happened to you.

That would be how I would appreciate it.

I wouldn't want to wait days and days.


We met.

Let's talk on the phone, this week.

But like, text her right away to set it up, and then set it up.


Then, once you talk on the phone, let's remember that you're not desperate., That you're gonna be interviewing.

Her too.

That you're, both gonna, be discovering if there's a connection, or shared values, or whatever before you even go for a coffee, maybe, or a drink., So, "Hey, I'd, just love to get to know.

You." "How's Thursday night for you, around eight? We can connect on the phone." Then once that goes well.

If the phone call goes, well, don't need to talk for hours, okay, 20, minutes, easy, fine., "Hey, I'm, really enjoying this conversation with you, I'd love to take you out for a cup of coffee or for a glass of wine." "How's Saturday," blah blah blah blah, right? Just, keep it going.

Not texting, forever.

Not, calling forever.

Not playing games.

Just, nuh, nuh, nuh.

Just own it.


Remember that her opinion of you has nothing to do with your worth, and that you have a lot to offer.

And, be curious to see if she's, a contribution to your life, just as much as she's going to be curious to see if you're a contribution to hers.

And, just let the discovery be okay.

(Clapping) And! If you need some support in this, God, I just would love to help.

You find that centered place where you're, unwavering and authentic, and grounded and present, and having fun being a noble, bad ass.


If you'd like to apply for a complimentary strategy session.

If maybe doing, some sessions is going to help heal some of the wounds of the past, so that you can guarantee more success in the future.

It says that it's been a long time since a woman's looked your way.

Sounds like there could be some stuff to heal in there.


Do it now, when you've got some live, ones.

Huh, okay?, And, let's set yourself up to win, and have the best situation.

Possible, now and always.

So go to

It's a way that you can apply for a complimentary strategy: session, if you're a 10 out of 10 ready to dive in and do some work, I'd love to see if you're a fit to invite you to work with me.

It's, just so fulfilling to see men who have been alone or lonely, or not having a lot of success, step into success.

Sometimes, more than many, many choices in women, and then finding someone that really sees them, really values.

Them, really appreciates them, and there's an ease and a grace to it, and they're, so grateful that they did the work to show up, yeah.

That's, something that would be so wonderful to share with you, it'd, be a privilege to provide for you.


Thank you again for your question.


My love.

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Should I call her or wait for her to call me? ›

Unless you're waiting for a specific reason, take control and call her. If she's at work, in class, or otherwise potentially pre-occupied, send her a text first asking if she can chat, then reach out to her. But generally speaking as long as she's not busy or engulfed with something else, then call her.

How do you know when to call her? ›

Pick a good time to call.

Try to call her when she has free time, such as after school or work or during a lunch break. If you've just met the girl, don't wait too long to call her. You want to make sure that you're still fresh on her mind, so try calling within a day or two of getting her phone number.

How long is too long to wait to call a girl? ›

There is no three-day rule or anything else that governs when you should call a girl. Presumably, you've been talking for a while before you got her number, so there may not be a lot more to say an hour later. But sooner is usually better than later.

Should I message her or wait for her? ›

Should I Text Her Or Wait? If she texted you, you don't have to wait to text her back. You can respond to her whenever you have time and can do so. If she hasn't texted you back, however, it's best to wait to reach out again so that she'll have the chance to respond to your initial text message.

Should I just call her or text her? ›

Text messages allow you to carefully craft your messages, but they atrophy your ability to make spontaneous conversation. Making calls isn't just good practice for talking comfortably on the phone, but strengthens your ability to make unscripted conversation in general.

How often should you call a girl you're interested in? ›

Once every few days generally does the trick. That way, you don't inundate them with annoying calls, but if you're keeping it interesting, it becomes the high point of her day.

What is the 3 day rule before calling a girl? ›

Popularized by the romcom, the three-day dating rule insists that a person wait three full days before contacting a potential suitor. A first-day text or call is too eager, a second-day contact seems planned, but three days is, somehow, the perfect amount of time.

What is the 3 day rule after the first date? ›

The three day rule is a dating strategy that suggests waiting three days to call your date after you go out. The theory is that waiting three days makes you look less eager and/or desperate, and gives your date time to realize how much they liked you when they think you might not contact them.

Should I call a girl after she gave me her number? ›

You can start with texting. That will look decent and it shows that you respect her time. Calling immediately after she gives you her number will took like you are in a hurry. Text her, talk with her and then you can ask her in what time you can call her and have a conversation.

Why hasn t she texted me? ›

If she doesn't text you back for 20-30 minutes, but then texts you later on, it could mean that she got busy with things. But if she goes more than 8 hours without texting you, that's a pretty powerful sign that she wasn't just busy, but that she intentionally didn't prioritize talking to you.

When should I not text her? ›

Don't text a girl in situations where a response isn't necessary. For example, you don't need to reply to her “have a good night!” text if you're just going to say “you too!” At that point, the conversation is already over. Let it end with her.

How do you know she is not interested in you? ›

Here are 8 tell-tale signs that she's just not into you:
  • One-Word Answers. ...
  • Indecisiveness. ...
  • Flakiness. ...
  • She stands you up. ...
  • She never texts or reaches out first. ...
  • She isn't honest with you/She tells silly lies. ...
  • She avoids making plans with you. ...
  • She responds and calls only when it's convenient for her.
Feb 28, 2020

How she acts when she likes you? ›

If the girl likes you, she will be more considerate towards your choices, likes, and dislikes. If she smiles a lot, it means your humor and little quips please her and make her happy. Another subtle sign is she remembers the little details you may have shared with her. It is a way to show that she cares about you.

Should I text her if she hasn't texted? ›

Give her some time to text you back. Usually, one to three days is sufficient before you send another text. Avoid asking her whether she got your text. Please do not talk about the thing you texted her about unless she brings it up.

How often should you text or call a girl you like? ›

If you're still getting to know each other, then texting a couple of times a week should be good enough. 2. Should you text every day when dating? Yes, when you're dating – even if you're far from exclusive – it's a good idea to text every day.

How do I get her to call me instead of text? ›

Tell her you would rather talk than text.

Let her know that texting with her is great, but you are hoping to talk on the phone with her. You could try saying something like "This is fun texting with you, and I'm sure talking with you will be even more fun."

Should I call her or keep texting? ›

Call to convey clear vocal cues.

This is especially important if you're in a serious romantic relationship. Brief texts are still okay, but your voice is much better at conveying how you feel about your special someone.

Should I ask a girl if I can call her later? ›

Ask outright. If you don't have an excuse, don't sweat it — you can just ask. Stay casual, and start off with something like, "Hey, could I call you sometime?" or the basic "Can I have your number?" This should work well if you're wrapping up a fun date or some interaction that went well.

Is it good to ask a girl to call her? ›

Call her. If she didn't give you her number but you've already got it (seems implied by your questions), then yes, ask her. It doesn't make you weak or too nice.

Should I call him first or wait for him to call me? ›

Don't call him if he said he was going to

tend to say one thing and mean another, but if someone says they'll call you, it's best to wait for their call. If he doesn't call you, then he's not interested *or fell off a cliff*. If someone likes you and verbally tells you to expect a call from them, then they'll call.

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