Leaf Vacuum Hose | Choosing the Best Hose for Lawn Applications (2024)

Posted by Flexaust on Aug 4, 2020

As summer turns to fall, leaves begin falling from trees into the surrounding areas. While this natural process results in some of the most stunning views of the year, it also bestows residential property owners, commercial landscapers, and town/city municipalities with the task of gathering and disposing of the fallen debris. While leaf collection and disposal operations are both time- and labor-intensive, the right tools and equipment can make them more effective and efficient.

Lawn and Leaf Vacuum Hoses at Flexaust

All of our lawn and leaf collection hoses are designed for superior flexibility and durability, making them easy to use and long-lasting. As indicated above, we offer products suitable for residential, light-duty commercial/landscaping, and heavy-duty commercial operations. Below we provide an overview of our hose recommendation for each of these markets.

Residential – Tractor Vacuums: On residential properties, tractor vacuums are generally sufficient to remove excess leaves and lawn clippings. For these units, we offer two hose recommendations:

  • Flex-Tube PV: This medium-weight hose features a coextruded PVC construction reinforced with a rigid PVC helix. This design offers an ultra-smooth interior ensuring efficient air and material flow. This hose is also very flexible and crush resistant.
  • Flex-Tube PU: This medium-weight hose is made from clear coextruded thermoplastic ether-based polyurethane and reinforced with a rigid ABS helix. It offers great resistance to abrasion, crushing, and tears with its high tensile strength. Both Flex-Tube PV and Flex-Tube PU can be customizable (in color and length) to meet OEM requirements. Stocked in 12’ and 25’ lengths to accommodate most tractor equipment
Light-Duty Commercial/Landscaping – Truck Loaders: Compared to residential properties, commercial operations generally have more area to cover during leaf collection operations. As such, the commercial clean-ups typically rely on truck loaders, which offer more power and capacity. For these leaf collection devices, we recommend the following hoses:
  • Flexadux LCDC: This medium-weight hose is made from a high-performance polypropylene blend and reinforced with a spring steel wire helix and external polypropylene wear strip. It tends to be more economical with a long flex life and good abrasion and tear resistance.
  • Flexadux HT-W: This heavier-weight hose features thermoplastic construction reinforced with a spring steel wire helix and external polypropylene wear strip. This construction offers excellent resistance to moisture, ultraviolet (UV) radiation, dragging, and tearing, all of which are necessary for hoses used in outdoor environments.

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Heavy-Duty Commercial – Municipal Loaders: Heavy-duty commercial and municipal leaf collection operations involve larger clean-up areas than both residential and light-duty commercial operations. Additionally, the amount of leaves and debris is much greater, while the amount of time given for their collection is much shorter. For these reasons, the town and city municipalities generally rely on stronger and larger equipment (e.g., municipal loaders). For these leaf collection systems, we recommend using heavy-duty hoses, such as:
  • Flx-Thane HD: This heavy-weight hose is available in clear polyurethane reinforced with a bronze-coated spring steel wire helix. This construction provides it with superior flexibility and durability (including resistance to abrasion, moisture, and UV).
  • Flx-Thane VHD: This heavier-weight hose is also available in clear polyurethane and reinforced with a bronze-coated spring steel wire helix. Compared to the HD model, it features a thicker wall (.060 inches instead of .045 inches). The (standard) clear color allows user to quickly see blockages. During leaf collection season, these hoses are also available in 10’ lengths to accommodate the municipal equipment

Comparisons Between Lawn and Leaf Vacuum Hoses

The following table provides a comparison of three of the hoses we recommend for leaf/lawn collection applications.

LCDC (Good)

HT-W (Better)

Flx-Thane HD & VHD (Best)

Flex-Tube PV

(Best for Residential)

Flex-Tube PU

(Best for Residential)

ConstructionBlack wire
wear strip
Black wire reinforced
thermoplastic rubber
wear strip
Clear wire
Clear all
plastic smooth
interior PVC
w/rigid PVC
Clear all plastic
smooth interior,
ether based, polyurethane
w/ABS helix







Wall Thickness

.032 inches

.045 inches

.035 or .045 inches

0.020 – 0.040 inches

0.020 – 0.040 inches

Inside Diameter

6 to 12 inches

6 to 12 inches

2 to 24 inches


10 & 25 feet

10 & 25 feet

10 & 25 feet

12 & 25 feet

12 & 25 feet

Temperature Range

-30 to 200 °F

-60 to 275 °F

-65 to 200 °F

20 to 160 °F

-40 to 200 °F


Good abrasion, puncture and tear resistance. Good UV protection

Better abrasion and drag resistance. Great UV protection.

Best abrasion resistance and puncture resistance. Great UV protection

Good abrasion and puncture resistance. Ultra smooth interior and crush resistant.

Superior abrasion and puncture resistance. Ultra smooth interior and crush resistant.


Economical option for residential and commercial light duty intake

Suitable for commercial leaf collection intake

Suitable for commercial leaf vacuum. High abrasion intake

Economical option for residential lawn mowers

Best option for commercial lawn mowers

Selection Considerations for Leaf/Lawn Collection Hoses

When choosing a hose for leaf/lawn collection equipment, it is important to keep in mind the essential characteristics of the hose. Some of the key factors to consider are:

Leaf Vacuum Hose | Choosing the Best Hose for Lawn Applications (2)
  • Durability (e.g., resistance to abrasion, moisture, UV, etc.)
  • Flexibility
  • Inner wall smoothness
  • Visibility into and through the hose
  • Size (e.g., wall thickness and overall diameter)
  • Outside (low) temperatures
  • Cost

In addition to the above factors, it is vital to ensure the hose is compatible with the equipment—i.e., the connections on the chosen hose should fit the equipment ports.

Contact Us for Your Leaf/Lawn Vacuum Hose Needs!

The right equipment is critical to the success of the operation. This statement applies to many industrial, commercial, and residential processes, including leaf/lawn collection.

At Flexaust, our experts are ready and willing to help you choose the right hose for your leaf/lawn collection equipment. Equipped with over 80 years of experience manufacturing and distributing hose and ducting products, we have the knowledge and skills to identify appropriate solutions for nearly any need. If you have additional questions about leaf vacuum hoses, contact us or request a quote today.

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Leaf Vacuum Hose | Choosing the Best Hose for Lawn Applications (2024)
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