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In this article, you will learn all about “please confirm receipt” and how to use it.

“Please Confirm Receipt”: What Does it Mean and How to Use It? | WellyBox (1)

A lot of transactions take place in the day-to-day operations of a business. Therefore, an acknowledgment to confirm the receipt of the message becomes imperative for the vendors and the business owners alike.

However, the usage of the expression “please confirm receipt” requires a more nuanced understanding before its application. If you’re looking for enhancing your business correspondence, this article will undoubtedly come in handy.

What’s in this article?

  1. “Please confirm receipt”: what does it mean?
  2. Please confirm receipt: samples of usage
  3. Variation options for “please confirm receipt”
  4. Conclusion

“Please confirm receipt”: what does it mean?

“Please confirm receipt” is an expression commonly used in business correspondence. In addition, it is used for acknowledgment of the receipt of a message or a payment by the sender.

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As a result, the term means to prompt the receiver to respond. It also means to confirm whether a piece of information, document or payment has been received successfully. Like a freelancer or a corporate firm, an individual usually uses this phrase to establish contact or note receipt.

Generally, formal messages or emails use “please confirm receipt” compared to casual writing or letters. The response from the recipient is significant in maintaining the books, essential record-keeping, and tracking of transactions. The acknowledgment becomes pivotal in claiming that the transaction is successful and valid.

“Please confirm receipt” is a common tenet of formal business correspondence. It is inappropriate to use the same expression in a casual setting, for example, with friends and family. In the case of an informal setting, phrases like “let me know when you receive it” are more appropriate.

The English dictionary has two kinds of meanings for the word “receipt”.

On the one hand, “receipt” links to a document or an invoice that usually indicates a transaction.

The second meaning in the English dictionary refers to receiving payment or services from a sender.

The meaning of the word depends on the context of its usage.

Please confirm receipt of this email

Many times, business operations involve the common task of acknowledging the receipt of various kinds of email. It plays a significant role in professional communication and record-keeping in businesses. It also prompts an affirmative response from the recipient to validate the transaction. Alternatively, it indicates that it is successfully complete. Writing an email to confirm receipt often gets daunting due to the change in digitized formats and interfaces.

How to reply to “please confirm receipt of this email?”

The expression “please confirm receipt of this email” is limited to transactions incurred or intimated via emailing tools. Therefore, the recipient must acknowledge affirming the request by the sender.

A typical example of “please confirm receipt of this email” looks like this:

Dear “ABC”,
I am writing to inform you that we would like to initiate business franchise operations with you.
We will discuss the propositions furthermore later this week.
Please confirm receipt of this email.

The recipient commonly answers the email by replying in two manners:

  1. Formal

Dear “XYZ”,
I have received the email/document/payment successfully.
Thank you.

2. Informal

Dear “XYZ”
Thank you/Acknowledged.
Please confirm due upon receipt.

Running a business comes with its fair share of invoice workload. While you may meet the job deadlines, the client can take a while to process the payment for the task. In such situations, it is advisable to set the terms of payment before the commencement of the work. The best method to implement this is through the use of the phrase “due upon receipt”.

“Please confirm due upon receipt” implies that the client must try to compensate as soon as the work meets completion. This is when the payment invoice is sent. This straightforward phrase requesting the pay due manages steady cash flow. It also indicates the client to make necessary payment arrangements in time to avoid any delays.

“Please confirm due upon receipt” is commonly used to establish a strengthened professional relationship with new clients. The phrase proves pivotal in record-keeping and tracking business transactions. Sometimes forgetfulness to charge or request due leads to delays in payments and inaccuracy in the business books.

How to reply to “please confirm due upon receipt?” (how to actually confirm the receipt)

The vendor or a business firm answers to confirm the receipt of the document or work. It is essential to keep in mind that the kind of conditions are agreed upon or requested for revision. It is essential to promptly notify the vendor that their communication has been received. After receiving the acknowledgment, the vendor can commence or continue the necessary job. Lastly, you must inform the client in case of any expected delays in payment or disagreements. This is done in the payment conditions as soon as prompted with “please confirm due upon receipt.”

The most significant advantage of using this phrase is that a speedy payment via bank transfer or credit card. It is expected that improves business correspondence and relations.

The recipient must acknowledge and communicate the same as early as possible. The receipt must be after receiving an email or an invoice carrying the message “please confirm due upon receipt”.

One of the correct examples of acknowledging the message is to write:

Dear XYZ
I agree and acknowledge the terms of the task.
Thank you.

The above email body will prompt the related person to commence or continue the work. They are expected to send it over as soon as it finishes. Once the document or task allotted is received, the client expects prompt payment and confirmation via email or letter. A payment initiation email or letter must include a few components like:

  1. Sender’s name
  2. Sender’s account
  3. Recipient’s name
  4. Recipient’s account
  5. Payment amount, in numbers and/or words
  6. Date of payment
  7. Method of payment – bank transfer, credit card payment, wire transfer
  8. Transaction number

It is also advisable to attach a copy of the invoice or refer to the dated invoice number. This enhances further transparency and clarity.

Please confirm PayPal receipt

Digitized transactions have become increasingly common in contemporary business operations. Therefore, digital money platforms like PayPal witness a regular cash flow in the purchase and sale of goods and services.

However, it tends to get difficult to track or navigate the receipt segment of your PayPal account. To confirm PayPal receipt:

  1. Open your PayPal account.
  2. Go to the ‘Activity’ tab in the dashboard.
  3. Locate the transaction in the list. Users can also apply filters to enable quicker and easier navigation, an option available next to the search bar.

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4. The status of the transaction will be listed below the recipient’s name.

Users also have the choice to use PayPal Invoicing online management tool that automates the invoicing process. A quick-to-use invoice template is readily available for the user’s perusal. It carries the company logo, added costs, product or service descriptions and invoice ID numbers. The invoice may be sent via email or a link for further convenience.

Variation options for “please confirm receipt”

The phrase “please confirm receipt” is widely known and influential in procuring timely repayments. However, it tends to get repetitive and overused in the same email body. Therefore, get rid of this redundancy, here are a few alternates that are worth using:

Please acknowledge receipt

The first variation includes switching the word ‘confirm’ to ‘acknowledge’. Additionally, it implies that the recipient must recognize the receipt of the document or the payment upon being prompted.

Equally, the recipient is expected to revert the email with phrases like ‘thank you or ‘email successfully received’.

An example of the usage of “please acknowledge receipt” is:

Dear XYZ
I have attached a copy of the listing of the products as asked.
Please acknowledge receipt.
Kindly acknowledge intimation of the message.

The second variant is to modify the language of the phrase. Correspondingly, it changes to a more detailed sentence that indicates the recipient to recognize and signal the receipt.

Likewise this phrase is effective in messages containing intimation regarding a business schedule, discussing prerequisites, or deliberating over agreements.

An example of the usage of “kindly acknowledge intimation of the message” is:

Dear XYZ
There is an update in the business operations for the client ABC.
The details for the same areas below.
Kindly acknowledge the intimation of the message.
Thank you.

Kindly confirm receipt by return email

The phrase is most effective when there is more than one method of reverting or acknowledging receipt. Thus, by specifying “return email,” the sender streamlines the medium of correspondence. Not only would it seem long to some, but also the phrase mentioned above is commonly used in formal communications.

One of the examples of its usage is:

Dear XYZ
This email is in reference to the request for the most recent business order of our company. Please find the attachment to the same.
Kindly confirm receipt by return email.

Please confirm upon receipt

The usage of ‘upon’ also emphasizes the formal nature of the communication. Therefore, it requests an immediate address.

For instance, one of the examples of the usage of the phrase is:

Dear XYZ
I have mailed a hard copy of the work contract to your address this evening.
Please confirm upon receipt of the document.


“Please confirm receipt” is one of the phrases written in several ways and manners. Similarly, it is formed by modifying parts or whole of the phrase as suitable to the sender. Of course, the phrase must be permitted by the situation. Similarly, this phrase is commonly visible in informal conversations or business communications. Equally, it helps to establish a strengthened correspondence based on the nature of the work. Using “please confirm receipt” is highly beneficial in procuring timely remuneration. Furthermore, in one or two days, it helps in promoting accuracy in book-keeping and recording.

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As an expert in business communication and professional correspondence, I possess comprehensive knowledge in the realm of formal and informal written exchanges, particularly within the context of "Please confirm receipt" and its various applications. Here's a breakdown of the concepts covered in the article:

  1. "Please Confirm Receipt": What it Means

    • This phrase is commonly used in business correspondence to request acknowledgment of the successful reception of a message, document, or payment.
    • It prompts the recipient to respond, validating the completion of a transaction or the reception of information.
  2. Usage of "Please Confirm Receipt"

    • Examples include requests such as "Please confirm receipt of payment" or "Please confirm receipt of this email."
    • The usage of this phrase is more prevalent in formal business settings, while casual settings call for more relaxed language like "let me know when you receive it."
  3. Variations and Examples of Usage

    • Variations like "Please acknowledge receipt," "Kindly confirm receipt by return email," or "Please confirm upon receipt" serve the same purpose but with different wording.
    • These variations cater to different situations while maintaining the essence of seeking acknowledgment.
  4. Replying to "Please Confirm Due Upon Receipt"

    • This phrase implies prompt payment upon the completion of work. The recipient acknowledges this and should communicate promptly about any expected delays or disagreements.
  5. Confirming PayPal Receipt

    • Describes how to navigate PayPal to confirm transaction receipts, crucial in today's digital business landscape.
  6. Business Transaction Procedures

    • Includes information on how to structure emails or letters confirming receipt, with details like sender and recipient information, payment amount, date, method, and transaction number.
  7. Expanding Communication Phrases

    • Offers alternatives to prevent repetitive use of "Please confirm receipt," maintaining formality while varying the language.
  8. The Importance of Receipts and Record-Keeping

    • Stresses the significance of prompt acknowledgment in maintaining accurate business records and fostering reliable transactions.

Overall, the article emphasizes the significance of prompt acknowledgment in business exchanges, especially in maintaining transparency, accuracy, and professionalism. It guides readers on how to use and respond to such requests effectively, whether in email correspondences, payment procedures, or digital transactions.

Should you have further queries or seek deeper insights into any specific aspect of business communication or related topics, feel free to ask for more detailed information or guidance.

“Please Confirm Receipt”: What Does it Mean and How to Use It? | WellyBox (2024)
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