Sheet-Pan Feta With Chickpeas and Tomatoes Recipe (2024)



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Enjoyed it. You only need one block of feta. I will cook mine a little longer next time, so more tomatoes burst. A good recipe to play around with. No need for honey. Maybe red onions instead of shallots. Some lemon. Pine nuts might be a nice add for next time. Fresh basil on top at the end.


Really tasty! I used a nice sheeps milk feta, which was delicious, and added 8oz of merguez lamb sausage links and calabrian chiles in lieu of chile flakes (plus some of the chile oil for extra heat). So delicious. The honey blended very well and balanced the tomatoes' tanginess. I used 25 oz. of garden tomatoes because they are so plentiful right now. Would definitely make this again.

Mary B. Hennessey

I am going to halve this recipe and make it but I know I am going to make it on top of the stove, too hot to put the oven on. Wish me luck

B. Curtis

Added several kinds of olives & artichoke hearts 20 minutes in.


My favorite NYT Cooking recipe of the summer! Everything worked beautifully (I used Sheep's milk feta instead of Cow's milk)and the combination is amazing. The best addition I made was to generously sprinkle smoked paprika on everything before putting in the oven. It added this smoky depth that was absolutely delicious!

Heidi & Phil Sweeney

Great dish! We chose it as we wanted something quick and easy for dinner, and we had all the ingredients. At least we thought we did. ... Ended up substituting onion for shallots and using cow's milk feta (8-ounce block from Trader Joe's). Cut the feta into smaller than 1-inch slices as the accompanying photo looked like feta chunks were not that large. And the cow's milk feta withstood the roasting just fine with some extra olive oil on top. Colorful and tasty. This one's definitely a keeper!


Sooooo….this should be a great dish. I’ve made a similar sheet pan dinner with feta and roasted vegetables served on orzo and it’s fantastic. This was made exactly as written and it was way too dry. Just not as luscious as the other recipe. If I made again, I would add some other vegetable such as red or yellow bell pepper, use red onion rather than shallot, and add some liquid, whether broth, fermented red pepper sauce, or white wine used to deglaze the sheet pan. Needs something…


In a nod to Eric Kim's sheet pan kimchi fried rice, we cracked eggs onto the sheet pan after it had been in the oven for 5-10 minutes and served it with grilled bread. It was a great way to make this a more substantial meal. Even my toddler scarfed it down.


Could you sub paneer for the feta?


Excellent. I followed the recipe exactly, Bulgarian sheep feta from the deli, and a big pinch of Zaatar. Mixture is pretty wet because the tomatoes are so juicy. Line the baking dish. Served with garlicky sautéed greens and garlic toast. Will definitely make this again.

Annie B

Halves beautifully, as written. Yumm-o.


Added cauliflower and used cows milk feta, but added half way through cooking


I have a sensitivity to chickpeas and so I did this with lentils. It was fantastic! I’ve made it multiple times now.


I missed the tip to use something other than cow's milk feta (not sure why this was buried in a tip). Also the tomatoes burst which resulted in a lot of liquid and the prescribed roast time did not accommodate cooking off the liquid. So the end result was not very roasty. Will probably try again with the proper feta that can withstand a longer roast time. Might also use a bigger baking sheet to cook off the tomato liquid.


I added sun dried tomatoes, olives, and artichoke hearts. It was amazing. Made a double batch to eat throughout the week.


Really good. Made a half recipe and fed two with a meal for one left over. I tossed on a bunch of asparagus for extra color. Agree it's a good one to play around with, probably better with red onions or lots more shallots. Smashed garlic cloves maybe? A pile of super greens (that trio of baby kale, spinach, chard... whatever it's called in your area) thrown on top at the end would wilt just enough. I did have it with pita and a schmear of hummus. Will make again!


I make this at least once a week! I follow another reviewer's suggestion of adding ground lamb, and I also add dried oregano and parsley. An absolute hit for the whole family, including our 1 year old.


Next time:1/2 tsp of red pepper flakes3/4 of a block of feta


Added Halloumi and some Harissa and turned out divine. Absolutely delightful as a lighter dinner option!


This was fabulous! Used half the feta and added an abundance of paprika and fresh dill. Served with couscous. Will definitely make again!


And maybe rice


Double recipe. Do not double feta.


I made this and it is definitely something I will cook again! I only used one block of feta.


Liked the taste but too much liquid (from the tomatoes) prevented the chickpeas from getting crispy.

Dee Clarkin

Definitely only needed one block of feta -- two would be crazy.We loved this -- having it again tonight.


Easy, delicious.


Half the feta.

Leigh Anne

I followed this exactly and wasn't overly wowed with it, although I appreciated the simplicity of it - I thought it was a bit lacking in flavor. I think next time it could use some lemon zest, maybe oregano and parsley to add some herbal depth.


This is one of my all-time favorites! My partner loves it, too. The honey glaze reminds me of Greece. I had no honey once but substituted maple syrup, which was also good. I always double the recipe, so we have leftovers. It's in the rotation. Yum!

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Sheet-Pan Feta With Chickpeas and Tomatoes Recipe (2024)
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