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Sakura stood in the library, looking for a certain scroll that Kakashi sensei wanted her to find. As she stood in front of a stack of books and scrolls. She noticed that one of them was a usual color, from the others on the self.

It wasn’t the normal plan brown, whites, and pale colors, that she was used to seeing it was a bright red. The pink haired girl reached up for the red scroll and picked it up off the self.

Sakura held the scroll in front of her and opened the flap on one side. Once it was fully opened, she noticed that it was blank and nothing was written on the inside of it. Sakura stared at the red scroll and then she noticed something was wrong.

The scroll suddenly changed from a red color to a bright blue followed by a greenish light emitting from it. She was blinded by it for a second, but peaking open one pink eye.

Sakura could only make out one word, that appeared before she was suddenly thrown back. By the force of something into a shelf, which caused her to drop the scroll in the process. The scroll started to smoke as dust rose from it and caught her in the face.

The pink-haired girl started coughing, from the dust in her face and she watched between coughs. As the scroll sitting on the ground next to her caught on fire.

Consuming it very quickly, it turned to ash leaving no trace left of whatever it was that she had been trying to read. Sakura sat up a bit tucking her knees under herself as she realized that the scroll had been booby-trapped. The young ninja glanced down checking herself for any damage or if she had been hurt in anyway or form.

Seeing that nothing had changed and that she seemed to be fine, she sighed in relief.

“ least I’m not injured, but why was a scroll like that in the library?”, Sakura thought as she started to crawl over to the remains of the scroll.

She stopped just before, the pile of ash right before her knees. That was all that remained of it then said, “There was something familiar about that word on the scroll.”

As she sat there thinking about it, a sudden pain flared up from her abdomen that made her fall to her knees. A burning flare shot outwards and started to feel increasingly intense.

“ Augh…Wh…what’s going on?!?”, shouted Sakura as she tried to stand up only to feel even more pain that made her fall on her butt.

The pink haired girl grunted as she hit the ground and her arms wrapped around her abdomen. As she sat there, she began to feel a warmth in her belly, that started to build up.

Then travel up to her breast, as she sat there and it increased to a force, that forced Sakura to fall onto her back. She grunted in pain and let out a soft whimper, as she started to get a bloated feeling. In her lower belly, the ninja glanced down and couldn’t believe what was happening before her eyes.

Her belly started to push up against her hands and the sound of rushing liquid flowed through her in response. It gradually filled up growing outwards and beginning to round just the smallest bit into a paunch.

Distracted by the pain of her belly rounding up into a small baby bump about two months. Her breast beginning to swell up, nipples hardening and poking out seen through her dress. The cups swelling into a B cup and starting to push up the top of her dress cupping her tit*.

The swelling orb could barely be seen beneath her one-piece dress and Sakura’s hands. That were running over the small surface that only seemed to be getting bigger.
As she swelled more with the babe, that grew into four-
month clearly starting to push up her one-piece dress.

A bugle could be seen, and the pink-haired girl moaned as the pressure turned into a warmth. That shot out from her core and up into her breast, which seemed to vibrate in place.

Before a snapping noise could be heard and Sakura’s bra broke apart in the back. Her breast jiggled forward and swelled into a triple D cup pushing the top of her dress up more.

Having her tit*, almost hanging out in the open her top could be seen cradling them tightly. Her belly appeared as though it was starting to rise up like a balloon. She was panicking and not sure how long it would last, Sakura unzipped her one-piece outfit.

She tried to get it off, but it was tighter around her boobs. It took some struggle and tucking but she was able to get it off.

Sakura threw it to the side as she now laid on the floor in her underwear. Through her bra was broken and was only supported by the cups hanging onto her tit*. The pink haired ninja prepared herself for the worst, only to discover that the she could hear a sound.

That was the groaning and running liquid that splashed through her gravid five-month swell. As it expanded the skin widening around her womb, she grew more pregnant her belly.

Swelling up bigger, round, fuller, Sakura’s sides popped outwards against her will. As she quickly swelled past five and into six months a thumping noise could be heard. As her belly button started to poke out halfway through and she began to rub her increasingly larger abdomen.

The gravid dome hung heavily on her frame, belly sticking out into the open, her breast rested heavily. On her taut tight gut and her cleavage hung out in plain view almost hanging out of her cups.

Sakura’s hips were wider, and her thighs were plumper having grown out to support the babe now resting in her womb. The now six-month pregnant pink-haired teen panted. Sweat dripped down her face and her hair clung to her forehead.

Her green eyes peaked open and she groaned weakly. Sakura blinked once, then twice as her vision cleared, she glanced down and then finding something she didn’t expect. Sakura raised herself to where she was sitting on the floor and looked around blushing, because she was in her underwear, before looking down.

As she looked past the cups of her red bra.

Meeting her eyes was a massive set of boobs and her wide fuller belly which was bigger, rounder. With her sides that distended outwards, navel sticking out half way for all to see.

She looked pregnant, very pregnant, at least in the second trimester, her breast was extremely swollen with milk and resting lazily atop of her expanded taut gut. Her ass was hanging out so wide, that they could be used as a cushion.

“It must be a ninjutsu,” thought Sakura as she took her finger and poked it only to find that it was real. Not to mention that it had more of a hard feel than a soft flabby feel to it.

There was no way that she could actually be pregnant, her career kept her to busy and she hadn’t been with anyone ever. Just then the warm feeling suddenly hit Sakura again followed by the pain. But this time the pain turned into more of a pleasure as she moaned in bliss.

Sakura fell on her back again and began to feel the warmth engulf her belly and breasts. She could feel as her bra started to become tight and just glanced down to find her bra actually expanding right before her eyes.

Her nipples turned hard and started to tickle as they pressed against her bra. From the triple Ds that were growing larger before her eyes. Soon the pleasure was replaced by and another pain as the strap between her cups started digging into her.

She could barely breath and was digging at the notch. when the bra finally gave way, just ripped in the middle of her growing breasts.

Her breasts now flopped next to her growing belly finally free. Once again Sakura was knocked flat on her back as the wave of pleasure came again. She reached down to her rapidly growing belly and closed her eyes as she felt the warmth make it bigger and bigger.

Her thighs followed as they stretched out to the sides trying to keep up with the, rest of her body. Her butt also expanded out easily resembling a bubble butt.

As it expanded the skin widening around her womb, she grew more pregnant her belly. Swelling up bigger, round, fuller, Sakura’s sides popped outwards once more. As she quickly swelled past six months, into seven she was becoming perfectly round.

Growing more and more pregnant as her belly continued bulging further out. Her navel distending downwards as her belly, fell forward from the on-coming weight of the baby inside her.

She then wrapped her arms around her breasts and could feel the warmth in them as well while they grew along with her belly. She let out a pleasurable gasp as the warmth left her, again, on the floor with her broken bra barely covering her large breasts and finding herself covered in sweat. Her breast continued to swell and fill with milk, growing heavier with the rush flowing through her.

Her eight-month gravid orb hung out proudly for all the world to see. A kick riddled one side of the fuller belly, the navel almost its own ball.

Growing even more massive, bigger and rounder, fuller with milk they revolted against the bra cups. Pushing up to her face, as they surged through cup size after cup size. Sakura’s tit* were poking out from the cups, from the pressure of her massive jugs.

Her nipples almost stabbed out against the fabric soaking it. As beads of breast milk leaked from her dark areola, starting to stain her bra cup under and over.

Finally, Sakura’s triple Ds swelled out to G cup tit*, and they swung out slapping out on her nine-month baby belly. Sakura’s swelling baby in her belly, finally ended as it filled up a few more inches. Ballooning up to full term pregnancy with a singleton babe and her navel hung out in the open belly button sticking out proudly, her swollen orb.

Her breasts bigger too, swollen with milk, resting lazily atop of her expanded, taut gut. Her belly, tan, round, and full had grown absolutely huge. With her distended gravid middle, she looked full term, her belly large and rounder.

Thick, swollen hips, ass and thighs that now matched her maternal full-term form. Legs spread out in the open for the, world to see with the gravid orb resting in the middle.

Sakura started to sit-up once again, this time with more difficulty. She folded her legs underneath as her belly went too rest, on top of them. Sakura looked down only to find herself looking at her, breast she now had G cup tit*.

That was a large amount of cleavage hanging off of her chest breasts resting on her belly. She had to turn her head to the side to see the rest of her, and what she saw made her gasp.

Resting on her legs was a huge belly and not just any belly but her belly to be exact. Her belly was a gravid swell, the belly button was its own hill now. Sakura who was usually a thin, small athletic built teen was now a full-term pregnant teen.

Her green eyes were the size of dinner plates and her skin lost most of its color. Sakura’s eyes started to roll up into her head and she started to fall back onto her back in an attempt to faint.

When she felt a sharp pain emit from her girth that made her reach to the spot instantly. It jolted her back into focus and she rubbed that area of her girth.

“W…was that a kick?!?”, thought Sakura as she moved her hand, over the spot before getting another response from her large girth.

Sakura’s jaw dropped when she realized what the first word to the booby-trapped scroll must have been.
It must have read PREGNANCY!!

“OH, CRAP! OH f*ck!”, screamed a pregnant Inner Sakura, “Why, Who, How, would someone plant something like this!!”

As a full-term pregnant Sakura screamed on the outside trying to cover herself in any way she could.

I am an expert in narrative analysis and storytelling, with a keen understanding of various literary elements, character development, and plot structures. My expertise lies in examining the intricacies of written works and deciphering underlying themes, symbolism, and character motivations. With this background, I'll break down the concepts used in the provided article:

  1. Setting and Scene Establishment:

    • The story begins in a library, where Sakura is searching for a specific scroll.
    • The environment is vividly described, including the color of the books and scrolls on the shelves.
  2. Foreshadowing and Plot Development:

    • The unusual red color of the scroll foreshadows an unexpected event.
    • The scroll turns from red to blue, emitting a greenish light, signaling a magical or mystical element.
    • The blank scroll's transformation is a pivotal moment, leading to unforeseen consequences.
  3. Characterization:

    • Sakura is portrayed as a ninja with a specific mission, suggesting her skills and responsibilities.
    • She reacts with curiosity and caution when handling the mysterious scroll.
    • After the incident, Sakura undergoes a physical transformation, indicating a significant change in her character.
  4. Conflict and Resolution:

    • The conflict arises when the scroll appears to be booby-trapped, causing unforeseen consequences for Sakura.
    • Sakura experiences pain, surprise, and confusion, creating tension for the reader.
    • The resolution involves Sakura realizing the scroll might have contained a word (presumably "PREGNANCY") triggering her physical changes.
  5. Descriptive Imagery:

    • The author uses detailed descriptions to convey Sakura's physical changes, from her belly swelling to her breasts growing in size.
    • The progression of Sakura's pregnancy is vividly depicted, with details on her expanding belly, breast size, and overall transformation.
  6. Internal Monologue:

    • Sakura's thoughts and reactions are portrayed, providing insight into her mindset and emotions.
    • Inner Sakura's exclamation reveals the shock and disbelief at the revelation of the word on the scroll.
  7. Symbolism and Subtext:

    • The red scroll and its transformation symbolize a hidden, potentially dangerous power.
    • The word "PREGNANCY" on the scroll serves as a catalyst for Sakura's unexpected physical changes.
    • The story might explore themes of magic, consequences, and the unexpected in the context of Sakura's journey.

In conclusion, the narrative employs a mix of foreshadowing, character development, and vivid imagery to engage the reader and unfold a surprising turn of events for the protagonist, Sakura.

The Pregnancy Ninja - Chapter 1 - bbrown4 (2024)
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