The touching meaning behind Halsey's baby name (2023)

20 July 2021, 10:33

The touching meaning behind Halsey's baby name (1)

The touching meaning behind Halsey's baby name (2)The touching meaning behind Halsey's baby name (3)

Halsey’s welcomed her first baby with boyfriend Alev Aydin, calling the tot Ender Ridley.

Halsey and boyfriend Alev Aydin welcomed their first baby together on 14 July, six months after sharing her pregnancy news with the world.

The couple named their little one Ender Ridley Aydin and fans have been wondering about the meaning of the moniker since their announcement.

Halsey Posts Artwork And Release Date For New Album 'If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power'

They’re yet to confirm the gender of their new baby, but what does Halsey’s unique baby name mean and where does ‘Ender’ come from?

The touching meaning behind Halsey's baby name (5)

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The touching meaning behind Halsey's baby name (6)

What does Halsey’s baby name mean?

Ender is typically considered a boy’s name meaning ‘very rare’ according to name site Name Berry.

It’s primarily a Turkish name, and is the main character’s name in Orson Scott’s sci-fi novel Ender’s Game.

The sweet reason behind Ender’s name relates to his dad’s heritage; Alev is originally from Turkey and still visits his homeland often by the looks of his Instagram page.

As well as a screenwriter, Alev is also a keen photographer and his social media profile is filled with images of his beautiful home country.

The touching meaning behind Halsey's baby name (7)
The touching meaning behind Halsey's baby name (8)

Halsey and her beau welcomed her baby one week after she announced her new album, 'If I Can't Have Love I Want Power'.

The album cover alone had fans convinced she'd given birth after she posed for the renaissance-themed cover with a baby on her knee.

She said her album has been inspired by her pregnancy experience and journey to motherhood.

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The touching meaning behind Halsey's baby name? ›

For the most “rare” and euphoric birth. Powered by love,” Halsey captioned the post. “Ender Ridley Aydin, 7/14/2021.” As Halsey hinted in their post, Ender is a popular Turkish name that means “extremely rare.” Traditionally, Ender is a boy's name, though Halsey hasn't revealed their child's sex.

What does Halseys baby name mean? ›

Popularity:6012. Origin:British. Meaning:Hal's island. If you have a feeling baby is destined for superstardom, the gender-neutral name Halsey might be the perfect name for them. Of Old English origin, Halsey means “Hal's Island” and is thought to be derived from place names in England, Halsway, and Alsa.

What does Ender Ridley Aydin mean? ›

The baby that the couple named Ender Ridley Aydin is a rare moniker of Turkish origin and means 'extremely rare', as per what Halsey described to her fans while revealing the name of the child on social media.

What is the gender of Ender Halsey's baby? ›

Halsey is enjoying all the little moments with their baby boy. The "Without Me" singer, 27, shared a series of photos on Instagram Thursday spending time with their 9-month-old son Ender, whom they share with boyfriend Alev Aydin.

Who is the father of Ender Ridley Aydin? ›

Ender Ridley Aydin (born July 14, 2021) is the child of Halsey and Alev Aydin.

What does Ben mean baby? ›

Meaning:Son. Ben is a masculine name of Hebrew origin meaning “son.” It is related to the name Benjamin derived from the Hebrew Binyamin, which means “son of my right hand.” Ben is a popular pet name for Benjamin, Benedict, Benson, and Bennett, but it is also a well-established and popular first name.

What is the meaning of Rey baby boy? ›

Rey Origin and Meaning

The name Rey is both a boy's name and a girl's name of Spanish origin meaning "king".

Is Aydin A Boy or a girl? ›

Aydin is a masculine name with multiple origins. If we are going by the Gaelic origin, Aydin means “Fire,” a definition that's synonymous with vibrancy and intrigue.

Why does he call himself Ender? ›

During his youth, Valentine gave him the nickname "Ender" because she could not yet pronounce "Andrew". His birth illustrated Peter's failure to fulfill a destiny in Battle School, and as a result Peter abused him mercilessly. Valentine always stood up for Ender during these conflicts.

What does Elsys name mean? ›

Meaning:God's promise. Elsy is a baby girl name of Scottish origin. Meaning “God's promise,” the name Elsy can be a proud expression of your faith and love. A variant and nickname of Elsie, Elizabeth, and Elisheba, Elsy dates back to the Hebrew Bible.

How old is Halsey when she miscarried? ›

Speaking to Vogue, the 'You Should Be Sad' singer revealed: 'I miscarried three times before my 24th birthday. It seemed a cruel irony that I could get pregnant with ease but struggled to maintain a pregnancy. '

What is the age difference between Halsey and Alev? ›

Alev is 40 years old, he is 12 years Halsey's senior, who is currently 28.

How old is Halsey when she had her baby? ›

Halsey's bundle of joy has arrived earthside! The "Without Me" singer, 26, and their boyfriend, screenwriter Alev Aydin, welcomed their first baby together, Ender Ridley Aydin, on Wednesday, July 14, the singer announced on Instagram Monday.

Who is Ender's wife? ›

Novinha Ribeira

What's Halsey real name? ›

Halsey was born Ashley Nicolette Frangipane on September 29, 1994 in Edison, New Jersey to Nicolette "Nicole" Frangipane (née Jacobs), an emergency medical technician & Christopher Michael "Chris" Frangipane, a car dealer.

How old is Halsey? ›

Is Halseys name an anagram? ›

Ashley Nicolette Frangipane (born September 29, 1994 in Edison, New Jersey), known professionally as Halsey, is an American singer and songwriter. Her stage name is a reference to the Halsey Street station of the New York City Subway in Brooklyn, and is an anagram of her first name.

What baby names mean star of the sea? ›

Maristela. This feminine Spanish name means 'star of the sea. '

What does the baby name confidence mean? ›

What does the name Confidence mean? Confidence means “belief that one can rely on someone or something”.

What does Liam mean baby boy? ›

Liam is a boy's given name of Irish origin. It is a diminutive of the British name William, meaning "helmet of will" or "protection." Liam also points to a "strong-willed warrior," so baby can hope to embody courage and determination as they flourish!

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