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For a Christian to say, "I will not have anything to do with the great and worthy works of artists whose lives were not good" is to fall into the impiety of questioning the wisdom of God in bestowing gifts of grace where He wills. — Frank E. Gaebelein

When you see your life through the eyes of a dinosaur, albeit parrot, that's when you truly see the magic of God here and now. Stop questioning the past and live in the moment to strive for a better, more promising future. We're all born to make a difference. — Jes Fuhrmann

I would argue that healthy doubt (questioning one's beliefs) is perhaps the best defense against unhealthy doubt (questioning God). When we know how to make a distinction between our ideas about God and God himself, our faith remains safe when one of those ideas is seriously challenged. — Rachel Held Evans

When I first went to prison, I was even questioning where, God, where are you? — Jim Bakker

God is real by any name you chose, or none at all. — Deepak Chopra

God's Word brought me peace and a desire for a relationship with Him. I found that questioning Him and searching for answers through Scripture helped me grow and gave me direction. Now my faith in Christ is what gives me confidence for the future. I know that through both good times and bad, He is faithful and will watch over me. — Clint Dempsey

You're a mountain
searching for it's echo! Whenever you hurt, you say, Lord God! The answer lives in that
which bends you low and makes you cry out. Pain and the threat of death, for instance, do this.
They make you clear. When they're gone, you lose purpose. You wonder what to do, where
to go. This is because you're uneven in your opening: sometimes closed and unreachable,
sometimes, with your shirt torn with longing. Your discursive intellect dominates for a
time; then the universal, beyond-time intelligence comes. Sell your questioning talents, my
son; buy bewildering surrender. Live simply and helpfully in that. Don't worry about
the University of Bukhara with its prestigious curriculum. — Rumi

I do have faith. I don't have faith that a God exists, nor do I have faith that one does not; I have absolute faith that I do not know, cannot know, am only human, am an infinitesimal creature packed onto a cramped planet crowded with seven billion bodies, and as many yearning hearts, and as many questioning minds. — Marya Hornbacher

My faith is a wounded faith, but my life is not without faith. I didn't divorce God, but I'm quarrelling and arguing and questioning, it's a wounded faith. — Elie Wiesel

Mayhap it was not wise to question God's plans; mayhap he had been meant to live, to seek this justice, to serve some purpose. The past was the past. And the future... — Shelly Thacker

They started wondering and questioning what God was really up to. I think they must have had dark moments when the physical reality of their unusual circ*mstance pressed up against God's promise, presenting them with doubts to match the derision they would have endured for months. — Ross Parsley

Never forget that God is your friend. And like all friends, He longs to hear what's been happening in your life. Good or bad, whether it's been full of sorrow or anger, or even when you're questioning why terrible things have to happen. — Nicholas Sparks

And God grant that His fire be not quenched! God save us from any smoothing over of these questions in the interests of a hollow pleasantness; God grant that great questions of principle may never rest until they are stettled right! It is out of such times of questioning that great revivals come. God grant that it may be so today! Controversy of the right sort is good; for out of such controversy, as Church history and Scripture alike teach, there comes the salvation of souls. — John Gresham Machen

J.R.R. Tolkien told a questioning correspondent, life's purpose is to know, praise, and thank God. — Philip Zaleski

I'm always talking to God about whether or not he exists - that's how I know I'm a theist. — Criss Jami

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If you aren't any religion, how will you know if you should join the Y or the Jewish Community Center? — Judy Blume

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You might tell me that you have been engaging in some deep questioning and theological rethinking.1 You can no longer live with the faith you inherited from your parents or constructed earlier in your life. As you sort through your dogma and doctrine, you've found yourself praying less, less thrilled about worship, scripture, or church attendance. You've been so focused on sorting and purging your theological theories that you've lost track of the spiritual practices that sustain an actual relationship with God. You may even wonder if such a thing is possible for someone like you. — Brian D. McLaren

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In science we see progress. In art there is no progress. In art the questions have always been the same. From the beginning of time till now, we are always asking the same questions. There are very few. We are looking for God, we are asking why we die, we are contemplating sex and the beauty of nature. The only thing that changes is that, in each period of questioning, we speak with the language of our time. — Christian Boltanski

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The very first temptation in the history of mankind was the temptation to be discontent ... that is exactly what discontent(ment ) is - a questioning of the goodness of God. — Jerry Bridges

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If I wanted to doubt, then I could doubt endlessly ... but at some point a person has to stop questioning and act, and at that point you have to trust something to be true. You have to act as if something is true, and so you choose the thing you have the most reason to believe in, you have to live in the world that you have the most hope in. I follow [God], I believe [God], because I want to live in the world that [God] has shown me. — Orson Scott Card

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For under moonlight the forms of the earth were liquid and they passed in or out of his body who ventured, in solitude, some gesture of communication with those forms. Especially under moonlight, especially when his own breath was the purest liquid. Thus Aziz Khan. Sometimes almost bewildered as a bird, compelled to flick from the sides of his body, not knowing what it was he did, never questioning his own actions but performing them without realising that, ardent though was his faith in Islam, the god he was most devoted to was the cosmos. — Zulfikar Ghose

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I think you've got the wrong idea. I like women."
"I do too." A light burned in Deacon's eyes that sent something sizzling through Shelby's body. "Most of the time. Nothing like sweet perfume and soft curves, is there?"
Shelby didn't say anything. He couldn't break Deacon's mesmerizing gaze.
"Nothing except the hot, hard body of a man all sweaty and furious after a game of tag football that turned violent and ended with dirt in places dirt isn't meant to go. Or a man's mouth on your co*ck, god, there is nothing like a man sucking you off, Thursday. Have you ever been sucked off by a man? — Mercy Celeste

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God is God and He lets things happen and that's all there is to it. But He has reasons, and His reasons for something happening would be more important than a man's reason for questioning whatever it might — Elmore Leonard

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I always liked the idea that Thor was the god who'd wake up every day and look at that hammer and not know whether he was going to pick it up. Only the worthy can lift the hammer of Thor, and I love the idea of a god who was always questioning his own worthiness. — Jason Aaron

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Everything that comes to us is a blessing or a test. That's all you need to know in this life ... just the certainty that God's got His eye on you, that He knows what you are made of, what you need to grow on. Why,questioning's a sin, it's pointless. He will show you your path in His own good time. And long as I remember that, I'm fine. — Dorothy Allison

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In God's plan every life is long enough and every death is timely. And though you and I might wish for a longer life, God knows better. And - this is important - though you and I may wish a longer life for our loved ones, they don't. Ironically, the first to accept God's decision of death is the one who dies. While we are shaking heads in disbelief, they are lifting hands in worship. While we are mourning at a grave, they are marveling at heaven. While we are questioning God, they are praising God. — Max Lucado

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Motive is also important in our quest for knowledge and in the questioning that accompanies it. In commenting on our duty to educate for eternity, Eugene England writes: Teaching or learning - with the Spirit of God simply means (though it is not simple) that we are doing so with an eye single to eternal, not worldly, values, with an eye single to lasting development of the mind and spirit and to useful service to others, especially to aid in their lasting development of mind and spirit. — Dallin H. Oaks

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How liberating it must be to stop evading, questioning, or complaining about your trials and start embracing them as opportunities to draw closer to God, to realize that even if Jesus is all you have, He is enough — Colleen Carroll Campbell

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... questioning the existence of God may begin because of one's sense of disappointment rather than because of a line of reasoning. Disappointment can bring disillusionment, and disillusionment can get quite a grip on us. It may be the case that, next to the grip of disillusionment, whatever reasons we can think of to believe that God exists or that God is good will appear weak. So sometimes the reason we do not believe or the reason we stop believing is not the intellectual challenge to believing in God. Sometimes, the grip of disillusionment cannot be matched by things that seem to be only abstract or theoretical. — Gregory E. Ganssle

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I'm not questioning the monotheistic god. I think there's absolutely no evidence for the existence of such a god. When I say that, I mean I'm - part of that is that the idea that God could be all-powerful and also benevolent is on its face contradictory. — Barbara Ehrenreich

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Cradle of Solitude
For we know not why our tribulations
are given as such
our fragile forms
created from the dust ... — Muse

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We are consumed by safety. Obsessed with it, actually. Now, I'm not saying it is wrong to pray for God's protection, but I am questioning how we've made safety our highest priority. We've elevated safety to the neglect of whatever God's best is, whatever would bring God the most glory, or whatever would accomplish His purposes in our lives and in the world. — Francis Chan

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Be like the cat, so alive after the mouse, never wondering or questioning why,
when there is really only God, only God ...
touching our
paws. — Rumi

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Rashi was trained to wrestle with God like Jacob at Bethel, to bargain with him like Moses at Mt. Sinai. Rashi's people have an ancient tradition of questioning God "face-toface, as a man speaks with his friend." [Exodus 33:11] Conversely, I abandoned my faith because it seemed I had no right to question the difficulties, much less expect answers. I had been taught to accept ready-made dogma rather than to personally take my doubts to God.
Make no mistake; I do not blame the church for my lost time. I might well have fallen away no matter what. But it is just possible that several years of painful isolation from the Lord might have been avoided had I learned at an early age this simple truth that most Reform Jews know:
God loves an honest question. — Athol Dickson

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There isn't any questioning the fact that some people enter your life, at the exact point of need, want or desire - it's sometimes a coincendence and most times fate, but whatever it is, I am certain it came to make me smile. — Nikki Rowe

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Art, if it is successful in the task of questioning reality, if it is good painting and not merely a performance of dexterity, will be an affirmation of God. — Patrick Swift

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We too often forget that faith is a matter of questioning and struggle before it becomes one of certitude and peace. You have to doubt and reject everything else in order to believe firmly in Christ, and after you have begun to believe, your faith itself must be tested and purified. Christianity is not merely a set of forgone conclusions. Faith tends to be defeated by the burning presence of God in mystery, and seeks refuge from him, flying to comfortable social forms and safe convictions in which purification is no longer an inner battle but a matter of outward gesture. — Thomas Merton

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I don't spend that much time being introspective, believe it or not. All I know is that I grew up not questioning God because that's how you are. God was there like the birds and the wind. — Jane Goodall

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The reason people lose their healing is because they begin questioning if God really did it. — Benny Hinn

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When you arrive in the afterlife, you find that Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley sits on a throne. She is cared for and protected by a covey of angels.
After some questioning, you find out that God's favorite book is Shelley's Frankenstein. He sits up at night with a worn copy of the book clutched in his mighty hands, alternately reading the book and staring reflectively at the night sky. — David Eagleman

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I am definitely questioning the atonement and trying to discover how we can see it in a different way. We've got this image of God who needs some sort of flesh, some sort of blood, that needs some sort of vengeance to pay for sin. My experience of a loving God who's asked me to love my enemies - this isn't a God that demands something before you are accepted. I think Jesus died because Jesus was inclusive. God is inclusive. I think that the idea of God somehow being separated from us was more man's idea. — Jay Bakker

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Sometimes the soul is questioning whether it [has] any patience, any faith, till God comes and puts him into an afflicted estate, where he must exercise this faith or perish. Then it [the soul] appears like one that thinks he cannot swim, yet being thrown into the river, then uniting all his strength, he makes a shift to swim to land, and sees what he can do. How [often] have we heard Christians say, 'I thought I could never have endured such a pain, trusted God in such a straight! But now God [has] taught me what he can do for me, what he wrought in me. — William Gurnall

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When she went to church, nothing received her, nothing came near her, nothing brought her any message. Something was done, she supposed, that ought to be done - something she had no inclination to dispute, no interest in questioning; a certain good power called God, required from people, in return for the gift of existence, the attention of going to church; therefore she went sometimes. — George MacDonald

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Yes, actually I was pretty amazed by the amount of stuff my parents put up with while I was living in their house. They had experienced all that before with older brothers and sisters, so it was fairly strict. The fear-of-God thing was pretty set and I blindly followed it until I reached a certain age. Then I just began questioning my belief system. — Rozz Williams

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I was 13 when I was started questioning and 16 when I stopped believing in God. — Jim Jefferies

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[..] I sensed it was finally safe to ask the question without seeming like an ingrate. God? Where were you? For 107 days where were you? Where were you in my unconsciousness and where were you in that hospital room when I wanted to feel your presence with fireworks and explosions of emotions and supernatural palpability? Where were you, God? [...] I was there, my child, [...] I was the peace, I was the breath, I was the comfort. — Lindsey O'Connor

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The mind God is looking for in man is a doubting, questioning mind, not a dogmatic mind; dogmatic reasoning is wrong reasoning. Dogmatic reason ties a huge rock to a man's foot and stops him forever from advancing. — Mehmet Murat Ildan

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I didn't know if I should put my faith in God or Satan. Was there really a difference at the end of the day, when we were all going to be dead souls anyway? — Jess C. Scott

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I've thought about it properly, this whole praying thing, I mean really thought about it, and what I think is that maybe people are doing it wrong; that instead of asking God nicely, people should be demanding and questioning and threatening to stop worshipping. Maybe that way, he would think differently and try to make things right, like he is supposed to; even that verse in the Bible says ask for anything and you shall receive and, I mean, whose words are those? — NoViolet Bulawayo

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As I look back upon the years of sadness in my darkest days, I see how my heavenly Father watched and worked on my behalf. Even though I did not believe for a time, my questioning did not banish the truth, that my God is still there. I wish I knew then that joy is not based on people, places, and things. Those change. My God does not. — Cathy Marie Hake

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When you open it up like that, you're effectively saying there is no right answer. And in the absence of a right answer, pluralism is the only option. And pluralism will lead to secularism, and to democracy, and to human rights. We must all focus on those values without worrying about whether atheism is the most intellectually pure approach. I genuinely believe that if we focus on the pluralistic nature of interpretation and on democracy, human rights, and secularism - on these values - we'll get to a time of peace and stability in Muslim-majority countries that then allows for conversations like this. Questioning whether God really exists would become a choice, open to all. — Sam Harris

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I am sick and tired of putting all my effort of living; and, at the end of the day. The effort results to 0. Often questioning why am I on earth?!?!?!? When the only thing I will know is pain, suffering, people trying to control me, God ignoring me and my needs, etc.
I am not saying what other people are saying is wrong; and, they are not trying to help me out. But, I will let God make that call whether I am right or I am wrong. Who I need to be or not to be. Where I stand or where I fall. — Temitope Owosela

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He thought: Because when you tell a lie it must be to keep from saying a worse thing. Then lying is not a Sin and God will not punish you. (But what if God is one of them?) — Davis Grubb

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The beginning of questioning well is to seek to question well, which may mean laying down our questions and allowing them to be reshaped and reformed by the answers given us by God. — G.K. Chesterton

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Quit questioning God and start trusting Him! — Joel Osteen

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I mean talk. Never forget that God is your friend. And like all friends, He longs to hear what's been happening in your life. Good or bad, whether it's been full of sorrow or anger, and even when you're questioning why terrible things have to happen. So I talk with
him. — Nicholas Sparks

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As a young man he had not dared risk God's wrath by questioning His purpose. Now he did not give a damn. f*ck it. There was no Paradise and there was no Hell and if there was a God, He was worse than inscrutable. What did exist was the cold, cruel truth of a young man, dead - from cancer or a car accident or suicide or God knows what - at the obscene age of thirty-two. — Christos Tsiolkas

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Unfortunately, religions have become a part of the problem instead of part of the solution. We have fought our wars in the name of God, questioning whose God is the best God and whose exploration of this deeper reality is the best explanation. That defies everything that this deeper reality teaches. — Edgar Mitchell

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Having the answers is not essential to living. What is essential is the sense of God's presence during dark seasons of questioning. — Ravi Zacharias

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GGibbie never thought about himself, therefore was there wide room for the entrance of the spirit. Does the questioning thought arise to any reader: How could a man be conscious of bliss without the thought of himself? I answer the doubt: When a man turns to look at himself, that moment the glow of the loftiest bliss begins to fade; the pulsing fire-flies throb paler in the passionate night; an unseen vapour steams up from the marsh and dims the star-crowded sky and the azure sea; and the next moment the very bliss itself looks as if it had never been more than a phosphorescent gleam
the summer lightning of the brain. For then the man sees himself but in his own dim mirror, whereas ere he turned to look in that, he knew himself in the absolute clarity of God's present thought out-bodying him. — George MacDonald

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People who are in distress end up questioning the existence and credibility of God. They ask "Why me?" or "If God loves me why is He not helping me out? — Tom Norman

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Learning to be flexible in values takes a very long time ... Of course I felt a little uncomfortable during questioning the concept of God, but then reading about the history and evolution of Gods. There were many different Gods: the God of war, the God of peace, the God of love, which was more like the people that invented them. They behaved, they got angry, they made sacrifices, they created floods when they didn't like the way things are going. This didn't come through as superior intelligence. — Jacque Fresco

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Six eyes were questioning God. — Zora Neale Hurston

As an enthusiast with a deep understanding of the topics related to questioning God, faith, and the various perspectives expressed in the quotes you provided, I can offer insights into the themes discussed. The quotes touch upon diverse viewpoints, including religious, philosophical, and personal reflections on the concept of God and the act of questioning. Let's break down the concepts used in the article:

  1. Questioning God:

    • The act of questioning God is presented as a natural part of faith and belief. Some quotes suggest that healthy doubt and questioning of one's beliefs can strengthen faith, while unhealthy doubt may involve questioning the existence or intentions of God.
  2. Faith and Belief:

    • The quotes explore different dimensions of faith and belief. Some express unwavering faith, while others acknowledge a wounded or evolving faith. The idea of having faith in the face of uncertainty and the role of questioning in shaping one's beliefs are recurring themes.
  3. Personal Experiences:

    • Several quotes share personal experiences of individuals grappling with faith, whether during difficult times, moments of questioning, or reflections on the impact of faith on their lives.
  4. Religious Diversity:

    • The quotes acknowledge diversity in religious beliefs. References to Christianity, Islam, and a more universal concept of God highlight the varied ways people perceive and relate to the divine.
  5. Purpose and Meaning:

    • The search for purpose and meaning in life is addressed, with the idea that questioning and seeking answers, whether through faith, scripture, or personal experiences, contribute to personal growth and direction.
  6. Divine Presence and Intervention:

    • The quotes touch upon the perceived presence of God in individuals' lives, acknowledging moments of divine intervention, seeking guidance through scripture, and the role of God in providing peace and direction.
  7. Existential Questions:

    • Existential questions, such as the purpose of life, the existence of God, and the nature of suffering, are explored. Some quotes suggest that finding meaning involves surrender, faith, and a willingness to embrace uncertainty.
  8. Philosophical Reflections:

    • Philosophical perspectives are evident, with discussions on the nature of reality, progress in science and art, and the enduring questions that have persisted throughout human history.
  9. Tolerance and Pluralism:

    • The importance of tolerance, understanding, and pluralism is hinted at in the context of differing beliefs. Some quotes suggest that diverse perspectives and the ability to question contribute to a more inclusive and tolerant society.
  10. Spiritual Growth:

    • The idea of spiritual growth through questioning, surrender, and a deepening relationship with the divine is a recurring theme. Quotes emphasize the transformative power of faith and the lessons learned through challenging experiences.

In summary, the quotes present a rich tapestry of perspectives on questioning God, faith, and the search for meaning in the complex journey of human existence.

Top 63 Quotes & Sayings About Questioning God (2024)
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