TV Schedule for NBC (KHQ) Spokane, WA (2024)

Wednesday, July 10th TV listings for NBC (KHQ) Spokane, WA
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America's Got Talent Auditions 6 New

The auditions continue as variety acts featuring contestants of all ages audition for the chance to win $1 million; there are more golden buzzers than ever before, each sending a lucky act directly to the live shows to compete for America's vote.

Password Roy Wood Jr. & Jimmy Fallon New

Jimmy Fallon and celebrity guest Roy Wood Jr. pair up with contestants and face off over two games; players from each team guess secret passwords using only one-word clues for a chance to win up to $25,000.

NonStop Local @ 11 New

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Rita Ora; Hannah Berner New

Singer-songwriter Rita Ora; comic Hannah Berner.

Late Night With Seth Meyers Rashida Jones; Antony Starr; Julia Phillips New

Actress Rashida Jones; actor Antony Starr; author Julia Phillips; Kate Schellenbach sits in with the 8G Band.

Top Story With Tom Llamas

Reporting of breaking news and developing stories in real time.

Early Today New

The latest world and national news, and reports on the day's upcoming events.

Early Today New

The latest world and national news, and reports on the day's upcoming events.

Early Today New

The latest world and national news, and reports on the day's upcoming events.

Wake Up NonStop Local New

Wake Up NonStop Local New

Wake Up NonStop Local New

Wake Up NonStop Local New

Today New

Millions of American Kids are Caregivers Now; how to where white with Jasmine Snow.

Today 3rd Hour New

Building a better budget; Countdown to Paris: Breaker B-Boy Victor; Ryan Blaney; enjoying summer vacations stress-free with Dr. Samantha Boardman; TODAY Food with Jon Kung.


Rashida Jones on "Sunny"; beat the heat hair with Jessica Cruel; summer DIY crafts with Amber Kemp Gerstel; three fun types of pina coladas for summer with Katie Stilo.

The Drew Barrymore Show Dan Levy; Drew's News With Cindy Hsu

Journalist Cindy Hsu joins Drew and Ross Mathews at the news desk; actor and director Dan Levy ("Good Grief").

The Drew Barrymore Show Drew's News; Hetty McKinnon

Drew and Ross Mathews cover the headlines; author Hetty McKinnon; chef Pilar Valdes.

Daytime Jeopardy

The Emmy-winning quiz show features a unique answer-and-question format.

Harlem Globetrotters: Play It Forward Hometown Roots New

Wham invites his elementary school teacher and her class on a field trip to a Georgia wildlife sanctuary; the team visits Hammer's adopted hometown of Tampa to visit high schoolers and Jet's hometown to support him while he's being honored.

NBC News Daily New

NBC News provides viewers with the latest national and international news; consumer, health and personal finance reporting; up-to-the-minute local news.

Hot Bench Pile High Club

Dog excrement in a shared yard leads to a messy altercation between neighbors who have wildly different accounts of the incident, one saying the other brutally assaulted him.

Hot Bench It's My Cousin's Bill, Not Mine

A woman rushes her cousin's asthmatic child to the hospital, believing that insurance will cover the bill; six years later, a collections agency takes her to court, and she sues her cousin for reimbursem*nt.

Judge Judy Border Collie Loses Ear in Attack!; 15K Investment in Not-So-Handy Boyfriend?!

A man accuses his neighbors' Rottweilers of mauling his border collie and of biting his son, who tried to intervene; after a relationship ends, a woman decides that her ex-lover's renovation attempts damaged her home.

Judge Judy Advocate Against Horse Slaughter

An award-winning equine writer denies awareness of a horse slaughter operation in Mexico and sues for bullying on an animal rights blog.

NonStop Local @ 4 New

NonStop Local @ 4:30 New

NonStop Local @ 5 New

NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt New

The latest news, going beyond the headlines to see how lives are affected by the world around them.

NonStop Local @ 6 New

NonStop Local @ 6:30 New

Jeopardy! New

The Emmy-winning quiz show features a unique answer-and-question format.

Wheel of Fortune Wheel Around the World

In a classic game-show version of "Hangman," contestants solve word puzzles for cash and prizes.

Chicago Med I Think There Is Something You're Not Telling Me

Ripley struggles to keep Sully's diagnosis a secret when the latter's pregnant girlfriend comes to Med for help; Johnson works to earn a spot in Med's trauma fellowship; Charles and a medical student treat a bipolar artist.

TV Schedule for NBC (KHQ) Spokane, WA (2024)
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