What is Bella Ramsey's Net Worth in 2024? Find Out How Much She Was Paid for The Last of Us (2024)

Bella Ramsey has earned millions at a very early age. Ramsey’s money is earned from major roles she played in the top TV shows and movies. Find out the actress's net worth.

By Rashi Desai

Published on Mar 25, 2024 | 12:31 AM IST| 163.7K

What is Bella Ramsey's Net Worth in 2024? Find Out How Much She Was Paid for The Last of Us (1)

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Bella Ramsey has been a popular name in the industry, as she has impressed millions via her acting in TV shows and movies. Ramsey stepped into the world of films at a very young age and has established her position among the richest celebrities in Hollywood. The actress landed her major role in Game of Thrones and later bagged the role in The Last Of Us. Here’s a look at Ramsey’s net worth.

Early Life

Bella Ramsey, born in Nottingham, England, is 20 years old and has already made her mark in the film industry. Ramsey opted for online schooling from InterHigh School. At the age of four, Ramsey started showing interest in acting and, hence, attended the workshop at the Stagecoach Theater Arts for seven years. After completing the course, the GOT actress attended TV workshops and was qualified enough to take on professional roles as a teenager.

Even at her young age, Bella Ramsey has accomplished more than many of her peers. Her first performance as an actress came in the 2017 movie Elefthería. Her outstanding performance in this film won the respect of professionals in the field, providing a strong platform for her future successes in the entertainment industry.


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In 2015, Bella Ramsey starred in the popular series Game of Thrones, as a child artist. Ramsey entered the show in the seventh episode of the sixth season and was immediately recognised by the critics, who applauded the actress’s role in the show. Bella Ramsey quickly rose to popularity among viewers, and her social media following grew rapidly as millions of people eagerly followed her on Twitter and Instagram. Later in 2017, Ramsey landed the lead role in the TV adaptation of the book The Worst Witch, for which the actress won a BAFTA Award in the category of Young Performer of the Year in 2019.


Some other notable performances by the actress include Hilda, Resistance, His Dark Materials, and 3 Minutes of Silence, among others. The recent performance of Ramsey in The Last of Us is yet again proof that Bella is in Hollywood to stay for a long time. Her character alongside Pedro Pascal was a massive success among the audiences.

Net Worth

Bella Ramsey has a net worth of $7 million, which she earned from movies and TV shows that she performed in. For Game of Thrones, Ramsey collected nearly $70,000 per episode, while for The Last of Us, the actress was paid similar amount. Other parts of the Hilda actress come from collaborations, branding and assets, which are not completely in her name, but parts of what is received are added to Ramsey’s bank account.

Versatility And Awards

In addition to her iconic role on Game of Thrones, Bella Ramsey has made appearances on other prestigious television shows, such as His Dark Materials and The Last of Us, where she left a lasting impression. Her participation in these programs enhanced the perception of her as a skilled and adaptable actress. Apart from television, Bella Ramsey has demonstrated her adaptability as a voice actor by providing her voice for multiple films and showcasing her wide range of emotions.


Bella Ramsey has received a great deal of attention for her outstanding contributions to the entertainment industry. Numerous accolades, such as the esteemed CinEuphoria Award, have been given in recognition of her outstanding work. Bella Ramsey's exceptional talent and her significant influence on the industry are demonstrated by these accolades.

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What do people ask about Bella Ramsey?

For which show did Bella Ramsey receive an Emmy nomination?
Bella Ramsey received an Emmy nomination for The Last of Us.

What is Bella Ramsey's Net Worth in 2024? Find Out How Much She Was Paid for The Last of Us (2)

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What is Bella Ramsey's Net Worth in 2024? Find Out How Much She Was Paid for The Last of Us (2024)
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