Salt and Vinegar Roasted Potatoes Recipe (2024)

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Tossing on s sheet pan is a pain. Throw it all in a bowl, toss and spread on a sheet pan. No big deal to wash the bowl!

Larry McD

To my sincere regrets, I have still not figured out how to "toss" ingredients on a sheet pan. Woe is me.


Any time I roast Yukons I put the cut pieces through several changes of water to remove the starch. Really helps to crisp the outsides.

chris nc

Jen, I line my baking pan with aluminum foil (for easy cleanup), then I line it with parchment paper. The potatoes will not stick and will brown on both sides without having to stir or flip them. The paper will brown some but it will not burn, even at 425 degrees convection....try it!


Malt vinegar makes them grrrooovy baby!


Roasting potatoes at high heat (400-450F) I find grape seed oil with it’s higher smoke point, works better than olive oil. Potatoes can stay on pan till they get a nice crust without burning or the smoke alarm going off. It’s a bit “thinner” too, so coats potatoes more easily and I find I can use a touch less oil.


These are hands down the best roasted potatoes I have ever made. I tried the recipe with sweet potatoes and they are just as good. I marinated the potatoes in the oil/vinegar mixture for about an hour, then drained and roasted them. I used the leftover oil/vinegar to sauté some broccolini, so it even did double duty.


Concurring here about the impossibility of tossing ingredients in oil on a sheet pan. Toss them in a bowl and then spread ingredients out. So what if you have to wash the bowl!


Two spatulas.


If you are in a bit of a hurry, you can par-cook the potatoes in the microwave. Particularly useful if you have hungry patrons looking over your shoulder harassing you about when dinner will be ready. Also, if you don't have a bowl big enough, or you just don't want an extra bowl to wash up, toss everything in a large plastic freezer bag, give it a quick mix and massage, tip onto your tray.


As others mentioned the white vinegar didn’t pack the punch I was looking for. Finished with malt vinegar instead and YUM they were excellent!


Use your hands to toss. NBD


Toss with your hands. Get in there!


To toss in a sheet pan, use your hands. Then, wash your hands.


Any time I roast Yukons I put the cut pieces through several changes of water to remove the starch. Really helps to crisp the outsides.


Simple and delicious. I’ve used these for dinner — an upscale take on fish and chips with NYT’s pan-seared halibut recipe — and with scrambled eggs for breakfast.


Love these. They remind me of the chip trucks around the Toronto area. Loads of malt vinegar on the side.


I parboiled the potato chunks in salted water, then drained them and returned to the pot to let them dry out for 30 minutes or so, shaking them a bit to roughen the edges (trick from Queen Nigella). Added the oil and vinegar to the pot, shook them around a bit more, then baked per instructions. Didn’t bother with the vinegar at the end, as others have said this makes them soggy. These are truly excellent, and I will make them often!


Easy and tasty. Forgot to add the last tablespoon of vinegar, but they potatoes still tasted really good and crispy.


Simple - and reminds me of English fish and chips, baked some haddock with this.

Janine Gross

Fantastic flavor! Finished with malt vinegar as others suggested. They did, however, stick badly to the pan. Any tips for preventing this that doesn't involve aluminum foil?


Parchment paper


Silpat, silicone parchment! Reduces waste compared to normal paper as well.


Lining every pan so one doesn't have to wash it - so much aluminum. Just a little soaking with water and my sheet pans come clean every time.

David B.

Good and tasty as roasted potatoes go. Didn't come out as crispy as I would've preferred.

Linda Kenyon

What Chris nc said about parchment paper! I always think of “Fahrenheit 451” and don’t stray beyond 425f.


Has anyone tried this with a balsamic vinegar?


Best recipe for roasted potatoes ever. Followed it faithfully except using airfryer instead of roast setting. Soooooo delicious!


Yes to malt vinegar.Add a little crushed red pepper, too.Delicious! Crunchy and golden outside, tender inside.


2 words Air Fry


Whisk the oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper in a MEDIUM-SIZED BOWL. Add the potatoes and toss to coat. Spread on baking sheet.

Bob S

These just don't pack enough vinegar punch. They're just roasted potatoes that you splash vinegar on at the end. Do try other recipes where you boil the potatoes in water with vinegar before roasting. Those turn out crisp outside with a creamy interior and a pleasant vinegar flavor all the way through.

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Salt and Vinegar Roasted Potatoes Recipe (2024)
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